Play Interactive Buddy 2 game.

Fun game to take out your stress, interactive buddy 2 in a unique game in it's genre.

Interactive Buddy 2

In Interactive Buddy 2 you can use your mouse to drag him around which is entertaining in and off itself. You can also hurt him with a variety of methods. One way to get your interactive buddy all messed up in the beginning is to slap him around with his own hand! You can choose from a variety of weapons in the top menu under the items.

You can also choose from a variety of modes that will change the gameplay in Interactive Buddy 2. The options that you can use seem limitless, and you can even buy more weapons and features with money earned from damaging and roughing up your interactive buddy. Perhaps one of the most entertaining ways to mess up you interactive buddy is to hit him with a grenade or two. Drop the grenades on each side of him so he has nowhere to go, then... KABOOM! Your interactive buddy will go flying into the air and blood will fly everywhere. Or you could always go old school on him and hit him with the medieval ball and chain.

If you've never played an interactive buddy game before then you're sure to get a kick out of Interactive Buddy 2. Even fans of the original game will find this new addition to be even funnier than the last, with many new weapons and modes you've never seen before. You could literally spend hours exploring the new additions to the game. This game can provide the entire family with a fun time, and it is great to play in your spare time. If you have some frustration built up, feel free to take it out on your interactive buddy.